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Mesotherapy Training

Our expert mesotherapy training course gives you the skills and the knowledge to administer this advanced skin care treatment safely and professionally. Our training enables you to become qualified in half a day. Once completed you will receive a certificate on the day and be able to get your insurance immediately. We offer ongoing support to our clients after the training is completed, with our team of experts.

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Anatomy & Physiology Level 5

This home learning course is spread out over the following engaging online modules: The muscular system,The circulatory system,The lymphatic system,The central system, Autonomic system, The Skeletal system, The digestive system and The Skin

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Microneedling Training

This treatment is known under many names: derma pen, dermaroller, micro needling and so on. They all however refer to a skin treatment where a number of tiny needles are rolled across the skin’s surface. This brings fresh bloodflow to the surface as your skin attempts to heal itself and, in the process, improves the overall look of the skin.

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